Spectacular Arborist Removes Tree Limbs From 229 Foot Tree [Video]

Ever wondered if an arborist was really worth what they charge for their tree trimming services? This tree company posted a video demonstrating their skill and expertise at exhilarating heights.

You’ll notice when he is cutting he is right next to the rope. The ground crew can’t pull it tight or he will cut the rope. They also have to let the rope run out so it falls in the direction the climber notched it. Then you have to let the cut limb fall fast enough to make it through any trees/branches below. You don’t want it hanging up and you can’t stop it too quick cause you’ll shake the tree too much for the climber. You also have to be mindful of falling objects (you don’t look up when someone yells “headache”). They have to do all that while keeping the ropes clear of brush, keeping the ropes free of knots and getting the climber anything they need. A good ground crew is vital.

Here’s a second video of a slightly smaller tree:

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