Spring Tree Care and Maintenance Tips – Keep Your Trees Healthy

As the leaves start to appear on the trees once again in the northern states, and the southern states are getting more and lush each day – one thing is for certain, and that’s the fact that the seasons have changed. Welcoming in spring can feel uplifting, as it’s a fresh new start and a sign that those warmer, more beautiful days are to come. But before you start to relax too much, it’s wise to take stock of the trees you have on your property and ensure you’re providing the care and maintenance necessary for their health.

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So, here’s a look at the top tips to follow when it comes to spring tree care and maintenance.

Give Everything a Good Inspection

The first place to start is with an inspection. You want to take a careful look at all your trees to look for those that show signs of stress, water damage (this happens when there is standing water), disease, or signs of pests.

Get Rid of Dead Branches

The next step should be to remove any dead branches from the tree. If your tree is still a manageable size, this should be a fairly easy task. However, if you’re dealing with a large mature tree with massive thick branches, it may be best to call in a professional tree trimmer.

Add Mulch to the Base of Trees

Spring is also the perfect time to add mulch to the base of the tree where the trunk meets with the ground. Mulch helps to protect the soil underneath, and will even help to control with weeds. If you live in a particularly hot and sunny climate, the mulch can also help to keep water in place so the tree doesn’t become dehydrated.

Just be sure to freshen up your mulch and the soil under it on a yearly basis.

Feed Your Trees with Fertilizer

Just as you would fertilize your lawn and garden at this time of year, you can do the same to your trees. This will provide them with that boost of nutrition they need to help protect against harsh weather, drought, and even insects and diseases.

Don’t Forget to Give Your Lawn a Little Love

While you’re making sure that your trees are healthy and ready to thrive in another spring and summer season, it’s also a good idea to give your lawn a little love. This will help to ensure the entire yard space is not only healthy, but looks lush and inviting. Be sure you know when to aerate, apply fertilizer, and depending on where you live and the lawn condition, you may also need to apply some sort of weed application.

Setting Your Trees Up for a Healthy Season

Each of these tips is designed to help you care for your trees and ensure they are getting the attention they need to stay healthy all year-round. Taking time to check these items off your list will mean your trees will in fact thrive, get larger, fuller, and live for many years to come.

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