Negatives For Having Trees In Your Yard

  • If they hang over the roof, they’ll drop leaves and other debris in your gutters and valleys on your roof, facilitating roof and gutter damage.
  • If they have berries or other edible items on them, they’ll attract hundreds of birds who’ll eat the items and drop debris all over your yard and sidewalk.
  • If they have a shallow root structure, they’ll damage sidewalks, foundation, a no grass will grow under them.
  • They must be trimmed periodically by a professional trimmer which can be costly.
  • Huge limbs can be blown down in a storm and possibly damage your home and a neighbor’s home.
  • Certain trees attract aphids which can be result in sticky residue on cars, walks, and benches.
  • Sap-producing trees drop nasty, sticky sap on everything underneath the tree.
  • Leaves dropped in the fall must be raked periodically and disposed of.
  • They can attract nuisance birds like crows and blackbirds.

2 thoughts on “Negatives For Having Trees In Your Yard”

  1. Honestly in my opinion the positives of having trees in my backyard outweigh the negatives. Yes, the fall weather means a lot of raking, however, we try to make it a family event with the kids helping us in the backyard. It also provides some privacy and I prefer to look out of my window at the wonderful trees as opposed to my neighbors living room.


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