4 Ways to Convert a Tree Stump into a Decorative Garden Feature

The majestic branches of trees are a great place to shade on a hot day, and their leaves change color in the fall. In fact, trees become so much a part of our home that we would love our favorite trees to live forever. When a favorite tree dies or is no longer safe and needs to be cut down, it does not always mean the end for the tree’s usefulness. Tree stumps can be turned into landscape ornaments that make your garden look amazing. Here are some of the best ways to convert a tree stump into a decorative garden feature:

1.     Fairy Garden or Gnome Home

A creative way to transform an old tree stump is to transform it into a fairy garden or gnome home. Simply decorate the stump with small doors and windows, add some fairy lights, and you are all set. You could even create a little path leading to the fairy garden or gnome home using small pebbles or stones.

2.     Use as a Planter

One of the easiest ways to make a tree stump more interesting is to turn it into a unique planter for all your favorite flowers. Simply hollow out the middle of the tree stump with a mattock or an ax, fill the bottom of the hole with gravel or grit (this will improve drainage) add compost, and plant your favorite flowers.

Not only do tree stump planters look amazing, but the flowers and plants will also benefit from the nutrients that are released as the tree stump begins to break down into the soil.

3.     Create a Seat

If your tree stump is in a shaded and quiet part of your garden, why not transform it into a reading chair for your children? Simply cut the tree stump to the right height using a chainsaw and then carefully sculpt it to form a seat. Many DIYers consider the art of carving to be a relaxing activity, making this a perfect project for people who want to relax after a long week.

4.     Top with a Tree House

If you have a large tree stump in your garden, why not top it with a treehouse? Simply build your treehouse on top of the stump and add supports to make sure it is safe. Whether you want your treehouse to be a peaceful retreat for adults to relax and read a book or a fun-filled house for your kids to hang out is up to you.

To make your treehouse even more amazing, why not add some lights into it? Not only will this look fantastic, but it also means your treehouse can be used no matter what time of day or night it is. However, you would need to hire an outdoor lighting contractor to do this. They will ensure that the lights installed in your garden are safe to use.

Old tree stumps in the garden can be difficult to remove. Not only that, but they often look like an eyesore. However, the great news is that you can transform an ugly tree stump into a work of art or a decorative garden feature. If you have a tree stump in your backyard, why not give some of our ideas a go?

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